• 8 Weeks Mindfulness Training

    During this mindfulness training we learn to come in touch and observe thoughts, body, en emotions, without judgement. We also learn to take care of our brain, activating area's linked to self-regulation, wellbeing, concentration, learning, memory, and awareness, and less with ego and fear.


    In this training nobody tells you what the best choice is, what you need to do, or how you feel. We receive tools to go into our own investigation, en to observe our crazy monkey mind, body sensations, reactions, and behaviors, so that we can have a direct impact in our daily life. With a lot of love and attention for the moment, and for what you notice that comes up.


    You will receive an integrated program of MBSR (Mindfulness-based stress reduction) and MBCT (Mindfulness-based Cognitive Therapy). In human language this means that we will combine centuries-old wisdom from Eastern traditions and meditation with wisdom from the field of psychology and coaching. A Lotus Seed also integrates insights from neuroscience to create a holistic framework of how brain, body, emotions, and mind interrelate with each other.


    Attention & Concentration

    • Mindfulness qualities
    • Origin and Buddhism
    • Attention for the moment, the breath, and benefits for life
    • Learning to observe and letting go of rumination
    • Difference between open and closed concentration
    • Brain - how to train concentration

    Resting in the body

    • The body as a door to deep rest and acceptation 
    • The importance of body awareness for burn-out, depression and the processing of emotions
    • Adaptive vs automatic mental modi and evolution of the brain
    • Brain - how to observe thoughts, emotions and body signals

    Growing in the body

    • Yoga and meditation in movement
    • Observing physical bounderies
    • Fixed vs growth mindset
    • The three subtle mechanisms of the mind and impact on interpretation and feeling states
    • Brain - how to cultivate gratefulness and joy  

    Thoughts and stress

    • Difference between pain and suffering
    • Stress mechanisms, and prevention
    • Difference between acceptation and committed intention/action
    • Acceptating vs letting go
    • Link with Eastern wisdom
    • Brain - how to deal with uncomfortable moments and feelings


    • Dealing with thoughts and emotions
    • Accepting, distraction and coping
    • The process of accepation, time and space
    • Rest in the midst of emotions
    • Impact of trauma on stress and emotions in the present
    • Moment awareness
    • Brain - how to turn on the adaptive mental modi with emotions and stress

    Creativity, communication and groundedness

    • Observation and integration of thoughts, emotions, body and senses
    • Impact of moods
    • Groundedness and creativity 
    • Cognitive questioning of thoughts
    • Communicating from the body 

    Choosing for life

    • Self-inquiry regarding different life themes
    • Heartful listening to yourself and others
    • The importance of the heart, and sinking deeper in awareness
    • Recognizing stress signals
    • Impact of self-care on the mental, emotional, physical and the spiritual body
    • Self-care wellbeing plan 

    Heart - self-compassion

    • Integration of different meditation forms
    • Heart meditation and activing heart neurons
    • Difference between emathy and compassion
    • Brain - how to cultivate qualities of compassion, lofe, and care for yourself and others
    • Conclusion 
  • Dates and location

    Brussels - Sunday evenings (English)

    8 weeks training on Sunday evenings from the 16th September from 6.30pm (start 6.45pm) to 9.30pm (sometimes 9.45pm) at Jean Robiestraat 35, 1060 Sint-Gillis, Brussels


    Dates: 16 sept - 23 sept - 30 sept - 21 oct - 28 oct - 4 nov - 11 nov - 18 nov



    330 euro, incl. vat voor individuals

    - different prices for students and companies (see inscription)


    Inclusive: online workbook and meditations

    Dutch Trainings in Gent, Kortrijk and Oudenaarde

    See here for more information

  • What do other people say ?

    Katrien Lievens

    A mindfulness training with Geraldine became a journey within myself, my mind, and my blocked patterns. I learned to observe thoughts, how not to always follow them. I leaned to recognize emotions and listen to my body. My mind feels more clear and since a long time, I can enjoy the moment again, without needing something else.

    Jan Van Haverbeke

    I feel that my life has changed and I feel myself growing every day. I also better understand how we are as human beings, and I look differently to stress now. Mindfulness has also learned me to deal with stress in a mild way. My mind feels lighter. Thank you Geraldine for your deep wisdom.

    Ludwig De Smet

    This training was the best possible way to spend time with myself. I have read a book about mindfulness befoere, but it took 8 weeks before I could really experience what mindfulness can mean to me. Now it is part of my daily life.

    Amaryllis Laenen

    Following a training with Geraldine, I learned useful tools and interesting insights which I'm still applying on a daily basis. She has impact and inspires and admire her unprejudiced and milde attitude. Now I stand with much more attention and focus in life!

    Charlotte Rugils

    I previously followed a mindfulness training, but the approach of this course, has made it more insightfull and clear for me. I came to realize again that practice brings me a lot of rest, and insights. Very grateful for your approach and how you teach this course!

    Isabel de Groote

    I started the course from scratch, not knowing what was about to come. Soon it became clear that it wasn't only about meditating, but that we could look at the practice from a much more spacious perspective. A different way of looking to yourself and the world... A conscious awaneress of our own patterns of thinking and doing, and also learning to let go of some of the patterns. In short, standing in life with attention and learning to appreciate the little, daily moments. A training I can recommend to anyone, with a super coach!

    Linda Naessens

    This training was very valuable to me. I take more care of myself now and can deal better with stressfull moments. I am extremely grateful for this course and I want to integrate it further in my life. I can recommend it to everyone.

    Margot van Merelbeke

    Mindfulness, I had heard about it... lots of stories... but I was triggered. I had read a lot about mindfulness, and when I came across this course, I didn't hesitated. This was something I was about to do for myself. During the 8 weeks I have learned to know myself better, to discover myself. Learning to meditate, daily... Soon it became clear also how warm the other people and the group became. Sometimes with a smile, sometimes with more difficult thoughts.... And then it became clear to me why I was here. I wasn't happy. I was about to do this for myself, but it became clear that I haven't been myself lately. That I was not respecting my own bounderies, and did everything for others with my whole heart. But now I came to realize my heart also needs the attention and care I give to others. And I have been able to give this to myself now, without shame, without a bad feeling. These 8 weeks have meant so much to me. I feel happier, more at peace, and stand with more stability in life.

  • Who 

    Géraldine Gobert

    Hello! I'm Geraldine and I started A Lotus Seed with the believe that each of us is its own best teacher, but can use guidance in making the mind fit for its purpose. I believe in tackling the root cause instead of symptoms, and in learning to observe deeply enough to investigate inner and outer experiences. I believe in the plasticity of the brain, and the importance of connecting body with brain.


    The first retreat I did 12 years ago changed my life. It gave me the tools for an immense freedom in thoughts and actions. Not being a slave anymore of what I think, and intentionally choose to what I want to give attention and in which way.


    I have facilitated trainings and retreats for at least +1000 people, including companies like Louis Vuitton, Liberale Mutualiteit, Colruyt, Rogers Corporation, Odissee University of Brussels, CM, Provincie West-Vlaanderen, Thomas More, OCMW Brugge, Manager Magazine

    (in cooperation with I AM)

    Education & practice

    I followed a 3 year teacher-trainer course in mindfulness-based cognitive therapy and mindfulness-based stress reduction from the Institute of Mindfulness.

    Besides that I also followed teacher trainer courses in self-compassion, neuroscience, cognitive psychology, positive psychology, life coaching, trauma therapy coaching, yoga (200 hrs ytt), reiki and energetic healing.


    Some of my guides on the path were Dr. David Dewulf, Dr.Mark Williams - designer of the MBCT program - University of Oxford (UK), Christina Feldman & John Peacock - Insight Meditation Society (US), Dr. Chris Germer - Harvard Medical School (US), Dr. Kristin Neff - Center for Mindful Self-Compassion (US), as well as monks in various monasteries across Europe and Asia. In Belgium I worked for the Institute of Mindfulness; coordinating projects, and scientific research about mindfulness.


    Before that, I lived in Portugal for several years. Studied economics and innovation. Facilitated business and start-up events and supported community development for MakeSense.org in Gent and Brussels. I also lived in Sao Tomé (West coast of Africa), where I helped developing a microfinance program to support entrepreneurs.

    For who?


    If you are looking for a way to deal with thgouhts and emotions, or want to know how to train the mind to bring your attention to the present moment, to cultivate concentration or positive qualities, or deal differently with stress...


    Everyone is welcome!


    This mindfulness training is an investigation and observation in own mind and body...


    Therefore it is an unique adventure and a valuable exploration of what one needs on this moment in life...


    Rest, concentration, attention, creativity, cognitive flexibility, equanimity, insight, or accepation of emotions, flow...


    I look forward to share this journey with you!


    *** Inscription is application based though to see if there are no contra indications for the participation ***

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