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    We like to think of ourselves as open minded individuals. But if we know that most perceptions, and decisions are taken on the basis of previous life experiences, our subconsciousness and the bounderies of our own mind framework, we can wonder if we are really that open minded... Maybe then...
    February 14, 2018
    Yesterday evening I received flowers from a participant. A very kind gesture. It was the last session. One in which we do my favorite meditation: loving kindness. A meditation in which you send loving wishes to yourself and others, including a person with which you have difficulties. Sending...
    A lot of the challenges we face in our body and heart, is often related to a lack of self-care. More specifically, the right type of self-care. We can go the doctor, take some meds, go into some form of therapy or remunerate on why we are feeling like this. While perhaps all that is really...
  • A Lotus Seed in the news

    On Portuguese news

    Publico, RTP, Time Out Lisboa

    Time Out Lisboa and newspaper Publico documented A Lotus Seed events with an article about meditation. And also RTP made a reportage about Meditation in the park in Lisbon.

    This session was part of a series of meditations in the parks of Gent, Brussels and Lisbon in summer.

    Belgian Magazine Mingle

    Goed Gevoel, Liberale Mutualiteit

    Melanie described her first Lotus Seed retreat experience in a Belgian Lifestyle Magazine 'Goed Gevoel'. Another article points to the benefits of mindfulness and the retreat.

    A health fund in Belgium (Liberale Mutualiteit) found it was time to introduce its members to mindfulness too.

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