• About A Lotus Seed

    A seed for your mind & body, wakening the heart.


    Hello, I'm Géraldine


    I have started A Lotus with a strong belief in the power of the brain, mind and body. I don't believe in gurus, I deeply respect old teachings, and I am fascinated by the link they have with new science.


    I am not found of "quick fix" tools. I value deeper processes, and observing deeply enough to see the original causes and the true nature of things.


    I started my own path into meditation about 10-12 years ago, searching for a way to handle the thinking mind, and come in touch with my body.

    It has impacted my life to the deepest level since then.


    I noticed how much more free I felt in letting go of thoughts, in processing emotions and stress, and in seeing the true causes of my distress.


    This was the start of my journey....

    Mindfulness, heartfulness, compassion & meditation, yoga, coaching, ...

    Brain, body, mind & heart

    Rather than a teacher, I consider myself as a guide on the path. I also realize the lifelong journey of being student in the practice, like everyone else.. I keep on learning and practising every day and love to share what I learn with others.


    Over the years I followed many courses, went on lots of retreats, and interested myself in the fields of mindfulness, self-compassion, neuroscience, cognitive and behavioral psychology, positive psychology, life coaching, trauma therapy coaching, yoga, reiki and energetic healing, and Buddhism. You can find more of my education here.


    The last years I have been facilitating retreats and trainings in Belgium, Portugal and France, for individuals, companies and health care institutions.


    The trainings are always a mix of various fields, as I believe in brining in a holistic understanding and practice for deeper integration.  Trainings are in Dutch and English.

    Planting seeds in health care, companies and schools

    A little bit of my story...

    With my international background in global economics and innovation, I previously initiated a Microfinance program in Sao Tomé (West-Africa) for entrepreneurs, and worked as a community developer of MakeSense to promote and sustain entrepreneurs around the globe. I also worked in the Institute of Mindfulness, coordinating scientific research about mindfulness with leading universities.

    My personal and professional experience with health care institutions, NGO's, and enterprises made me a strong believer in Jim Morisson's saying "there can't be any large-scale revolution until there's a personal revolution, on an individual level. It's got to happen inside first."

    If we want to revolutionize how our systems work, and guide society, companies, schools and health care towards a positive impact approach, we need to learn to deal more effectively with our inner experiences as well.

    Towards a different approach...

    Handling thoughts, interpretations, emotions, attention directing, focus, feeling states and tuning in on an authentic awareness, .... is essential in innovating, creating a positive impact, and in healing... as an individual and as an organization.


    As such it became one of my quests: planting the seeds of mindfulness, compassion, innovation, creativity, focus, attention and authentic communication, in organizations and health care....


    I have facilitated trainings and retreats for companies like Louis Vuitton, Liberale Mutualiteit LM, Colruyt, Rogers Corporation, Odissee University of Brussels, Christelijke Mutualiteit CM, Provincie West-Vlaanderen, Thomas More, OCMW Brugge, Manager Magazine (in cooperation with I AM), ...


    Will you be joining me in this quest?


    Interested in an introduction of how to integrate it into the daily workings of your organization?


    Introductions and courses are always adapted it to the context; whether it's for managers, entrepreneurs, employees, doctors, nurses, teachers or students.


    Meditation in the park!

    Summer vibes!

    Every summer we organize meditation in the park sessions in different cities... in 2015 there were daily sessions, in 2016 and 2017 we organized monthly sessions! Examples include: Gent 2015, Gent 2016, Brussels 2016, Lisbon 2016, Gent 2017

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