• “When you walk to the edge of all the light you have and take that first step into the darkness of the unknown, you must believe that one of two things will happen. There will be something solid for you to stand upon or you will be taught to fly.”

    New Year's Retreat

    26 Dec - 2 Jan


    Creating a new story with acceptance.

  • Who  

    Hi ! I'm Géraldine Gobert ! 

    I would love to meet you in person!


    I believe that each of us is its own best teacher, but can use guidance in making the mind fit for its purpose. I see myself as a guide on your path, rather than a teacher.


    The first retreat I did changed my life. It gave me an immense freedom to let go and intentionally choose to direct my attention with more compassion. It became my anchor in the midst of challenges and it keeps surprising me, day by day.


    On this retreat I work together with Geraldine de la Vigne, who gives massages and Ana, who is a fabulous iyengar and yin yoga teacher.


    A sustainable and compassionate society; is what I dream of. Will you be joining me?

    My experience

    Integrated into companies, schools and public trainings.

    After years of own practice, I followed a 2 year intensive teacher-training course from the Institute of Mindfulness in Belgium. I was taught by David Dewulf, Mark Williams - designer of the MBCT program - University of Oxford (UK), Christina Feldman & John Peacock - Insight Meditation Society (US), Chris Germer - Harvard Medical School (US), Kristin Neff - Center for Mindful Self-Compassion (US), as well as Monks in various monasteries across Europe and Asia.


    I have facilitated many retreats in Portugal and in Belgium I facilitate trainings for public, and companies of which previously:

    Liberale Mutualiteit, Wijs, Colruyt, Rogers Corporation, Odissee University of Brussels, CM, Provincie West-Vlaanderen, Thomas More, OCMW Brugge, Louis Vuitton, Manager Magazine

    (in cooperation with I AM)

    And before that?

    Portugal. Sao Tome. Social entrepreneurship. Innovation. Economics.


    Lived in Portugal for several years. Studied Economics. Became excited about social entrepreneurship and Innovation too. Lived also in Sao Tomé (West coast of Africa), where I helped developing a Mircofinance program to support small entrepreneurs.


    In Belgium I worked for the Institute of Mindfulness; coordinating events, projects, and scientific research about mindfulness.


    In my free time, I facilitated creative processes and events for social innovators and entrepreneurs; and as a member of makesense.org supported community development in Gent and Brussels.

  • Practicals

    Program, price, transport, reservation...

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    Group sessions, and an exploring afternoon ! 

    We start the day with a rejoicing alignment-based Iyengar yoga to strengthen your muscles and get energized to move more easily throughout the day. After a healthy breakfast, the morning meditation session forms the core of the program in which we'll meditate, reflect and learn about the broader context of brain, body and mind.


    In the afternoon, there is enough free time to make some beautiful walks, read a good book, take a sauna or massage. And there is also restorative/ yin yoga in the afternoon to relieve deep tension from the muscles with gentle passive stretching and enter a state of deep relaxation..


    In the evening, there will be a relaxation session with sharings and sometimes a moonlight walking.


    The program formally ends on Monday late evening the 1st of January but you'll be able to have a nice breakfast and yoga session before leaving on the 2nd of January.

    Your investment

    Choose your room!

    €950 pp for a triple room (3 persons)

    €990 pp for a twin room (2 persons)

    €1350 pp for a private room


    Prices include 21% VAT


    ** If you would like to join with more friends, contact me for a special offer!


    ** If you cannot afford it, but would like to participate, contact me!


    One full week to rejoice your energy and clear your head!

    • 7 nights stay in an oasis of peace
    • 3 healthy (vegetarian) meals a day to detox your body
    • Integrated MBCT-MBSR and compassion course with 2x daily yoga sessions (1h/each), 6 morning meditation sessions (3h/each), 7 evening relax sessions (1h/each)
    • Course material
    • Optional group activities
    • Excluded: transport to and from the retreat center with shared rented cars, alcoholic or soft drinks, massage, ...

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    Your reservation will only be complete after payment.


    ** Payments can be made by installments


    ** Cancellation policy:

    • more than 60 days - 70% refunded
    • 60 days -   60% 
    • 40 days - 50% 
    • 20 days -  30% 
    • 10 days  - 10% 
    • 7 days - no refund


    We'll meet you in Toulouse!

    We will meet at the airport and/or train station of Toulouse from where rented cars can be shared among participants.


    Rental costs will be around 65 euros pp for a whole week. You can also come with your own car of course!


    Fly to or take the train to Toulouse or Bordeaux from all major cities in Europe.

    Estimated cost: €40-150 with low-cost company or €120-250 with any other major airline.


    Tell us where you come from and we'll help you book your flights, train and/or car.

  • Let's start this journey together!

    I'll be happy to welcome you to our lotus community

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    Signing up for the retreat or a mindfulness training?

    Let me know in the message or send an e-mail to info@alotusseed.org

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