• Radiant Heart Retreat


    30 Sept - 7 Oct 2017





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    This was the retreat of 2-9 April 2016 ! Take a look to feel the atmosphere...

  • Testimonials

    Take a look and enjoy!

    Anne shares his experience....

    Anne Bakker was one of the participants of the first Lotus Seed Retreat in Portugal, April 2016. He shares his experience through a movie he made...

  • I had the feeling no words could describe how I had experienced my first mindfulness retreat. I recently came across this picture and this kind of sums it up. After the retreat I actually physically felt my heart had grown and I'm accepting my thoughts and feelings with more openness and gentleness. I'm very grateful for this experience. 

    Fleur Naudts - Manager


    On my first retreat, I enjoyed the space of breathing, the strength of feeling & acceptance, the freedom of being, the joy of silence, the beauty of nature, the experience of self-compassion… and I feel very grateful for it. I loved my first retreat so much that I went on a second and third one! I left a happier person with a lot of clear insights and tools, not only to deal with difficult feelings, but also to better appreciate the beautiful moments. This week opened up my mind and my heart. I have met some beautiful people and the combination of morning yoga, intensive mindfulness sessions and time to relax and let everything sink in is really nice. Also the beautiful location and the tasty food make this week absolutely recommendable .

    - Katia Gobert - Founder at Raisin Noir


    This week gave me some great insights into what I am dealing with and gave me time and space to explore them further!

    - Joachim Brackx - Global Sales Director at Loopingtales​


    The meditation week has started a whole process inside me. My awareness increased. I'm noticing more my emotions and thoughts. I learned giving space to emotions and experienced the usefulness of it. I learned to find peace.

    - Ineke - Team Manager


    A Lotus Seed Retreat has been an experience that I acces with my memory with pleasure, indulging in the soft and warm sensation that it left in my body and my mind. I’m deeply thankful to Geraldine for her work and for her clear and loveful space holding.

    - Matteo Tangi - ETB & Possiblility Management Coach


    Following a training with Geraldine, I learned useful tools and interesting insights which I'm still applying on a daily basis. She has impact and inspires and admire her unprejudiced and milde attitude. Now I stand with much more attention and focus in life!

    - Amaryllis Laenen - Talent Coach & Founder at Make it Work


  • Practicals

    Program, price, transport, reservation...

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    Group sessions, and an exploring afternoon ! 

    We start the day with a rejoicing alignment-based Iyengar yoga to strengthen your muscles and get energized to move more easily throughout the day. After a healthy breakfast, the morning mindfulness session forms the core of the program in which we'll meditate, reflect and learn about the broader context of brain, body and mind.


    In the afternoon, there is enough free time to explore the region, go to the beach, make some beautiful walks, read a good book, dive into the bio-pool, take a massage, or join in one of the group activities if you wish to. And there is also restorative/ ying yoga in the afternoon to relieve deep tension from the muscles with gentle passive stretching.


    In the evening, there will be a relaxation session with reflection about the day and a moonlight walking.


    The program formally ends on Friday late evening the 6th of October but you'll be able to have a nice breakfast and yoga session on the 7th in order to unwind before leaving to the airport.

    Your investment

    << Early birds till the 15th of July >> Choose your room!

    <<€850>> instead of €890 pp for a shared room (4-6 persons)

    <<€890>> instead of €950 pp for a triple room (3 persons)

    <<€950>> instead of €990 pp for a twin room (2 persons)

    <<€1050>> instead of €1150 pp for a suite (double bed & in-room bathroom)

    <<€1150>> instead of €1250 pp for a suite with heating (double bed & in-room bathroom)


    Prices include 21% VAT


    ** If you would like to join with more friends, contact me for a special offer!


    ** If you cannot afford it, but would like to participate, contact me!



    One full week to rejoice your energy and clear your head!

    • 7 nights stay in an oasis of peace
    • 3 healthy (vegetarian) meals a day with local ingredients to detox your body
    • Integrated MBCT-MBSR course with 14 (2x7) mindful yoga sessions (1h/each), 6 morning mindfulness sessions (3h/each), 7 evening relax sessions (1h/each)
    • Course material
    • Optional group activities
    • Excluded: transport to and from the retreat center with shared rented cars, alcoholic or soft drinks, massage, ...

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    ** Payments can be made by installments


    ** Cancellation policy:

    • more than 60 days - 70% refunded
    • 60 days -   60% 
    • 40 days - 50% 
    • 20 days -  30% 
    • 10 days  - 10% 
    • 7 days - no refund


    We'll meet you in Lisbon!

    We meet at the airport of Lisbon and drive together to the retreat center.


    Rented cars can be shared among participants. Rental costs will be around 75 euros pp for a whole week. But there is also the possibility of renting your own car. This way you'll also have a car to explore the beautiful environment!


    Fly to Lisbon or Faro from all major cities in Europe.

    Estimated cost: €40-150 with low-cost (Ryanair - eg. from Zaventem Brussels airport -, Vueling or Easyjet - from Lille airport-) or €120-250 (Brussels Airlines, Tap Portugal or any other major airline).


    If you fly to Faro, there is also possibility of taking public transport.


    Tell us where you come from and we'll help you book your flights !

  • Who  

    Hi ! I'm Géraldine Gobert ! 

    I would love to meet you ! In words, in silence,

    in eyes, or in the heart


    I believe that each of us is its own best teacher, but can use guidance in making the mind fit for its purpose. I see myself as a guide on your path, rather than a teacher.


    The first retreat I did changed my life. It gave me an immense freedom to let go and intentionally choose to direct my attention with more compassion. It became my anchor in the midst of challenges and it keeps surprising me, day by day.


    I want to make it accessible to a wider public, not only for individuals, but also for a society in transition.


    A sustainable and compassionate society; is what I dream of. Will you be joining me?

    My experience

    Integrated into companies, schools and public trainings.

    After years of own practice, I followed a 2 year intensive teacher-training course from the Institute of Mindfulness in Belgium.


    I was taught by David Dewulf, Mark Williams - designer of the MBCT program - University of Oxford (UK), Christina Feldman & John Peacock - Insight Meditation Society (US), Chris Germer - Harvard Medical School (US), Kristin Neff - Center for Mindful Self-Compassion (US), as well as Monks in various monasteries across Europe and Asia.


    In Belgium I am facilitating workshops and trainings for public, and organizations, of which previously: Colruyt, Rogers Corporation, Odissee University of Brussels, CM, Provincie West-Vlaanderen, Thomas More, OCMW Brugge, Louis Vuitton, Manager Magazine

    (in cooperation with I AM)

    And before that?

    Portugal. Sao Tome. Social entrepreneurship. Innovation. Economics.


    Lived in Portugal for several years. Studied Economics. Became excited about social entrepreneurship and Innovation too. Lived also in Sao Tomé (West coast of Africa), where I helped developing a Mircofinance program to support small entrepreneurs.


    In Belgium I worked for the Institute of Mindfulness; coordinating events, projects, and scientific research about mindfulness.


    In my free time, I facilitated creative processes and events for social innovators and entrepreneurs; and as a member of makesense.org supported community development in Gent and Brussels.

  • In the news!

    On Portuguese news!

    Publico, RTP, Time Out Lisboa

    It started with Time Out Lisboa and newspaper Publico documenting the events with an article about meditation and A Lotus Seed. The week after National television channel RTP made a reportage about Meditation in the park in Lisbon.

    These session was part of a series of meditations in the parks of Gent, Brussels and Lisbon in the summer of 2016.

    Belgian Magazine Mingle

    Goed Gevoel, Liberale Mutualiteit

    Melanie described her first Lotus Seed retreat experience in a Belgian Lifestyle Magazine 'Goed Gevoel'. Another article points to the benefits of mindfulness and the retreat.

    A health fund in Belgium (Liberale Mutualiteit) found it was time to introduce its members to mindfulness too.

  • Science

    Meditation is also a training of your brain. It creates new networks and cells and activates certain parts of the brain linked with concentration, wellbeing, self-regulation, empathy, compassion, learning, memory and awareness and less so with parts linked to ego, fear and depressive feelings.


    So let's have a look at what science tells us...

  • Science in a nutshell



    Focus & attention have far reaching consequences for your work, relationships, sports, daily activities… but is also linked to our ability to control impulses, emotions and achieve long-term goals. Meditation allows you to:

    • become aware and let go of distraction 
    • experience joy and gratitude with everyday activities by coming back to the present
    • keep mind-wandering in check and worry less
    • important for craving, addictions and creating new habits




    Meditation has long-lasting effects on how you perceive and deal with reality and the challenge in your life:

    • resilience & significant decreases in fear, anxiety, stress and depressive symptoms 
    • regulation of negative self-beliefs 
    • intentially choose how to respond on emotions instead of responding impulsively
    • Improvement of sleep, immune system, blood pressure and physical pain (important for chronic pain diseases)




    Non-reactive observation allows for new ideas and empathy to emerge and promotes:

    • cognitive flexibility and divergent thinking
    • ability to filter information in creative processes
    • empathy & more qualitative communication 
    • relating to other's states of minds, motivations, desires, ...
    • understanding and less conflict
    • appreciation for others
    • more compassion for others and 




    After only 2 weeks, structural changes -volume and activity- have been observed in (among others):

    • PREFRONTAL CORTEX - overriding automatic behavior and regulating emotions, including stress and fear and enhancing empathy
    • ANTERIOR CINGULATE CORTEX - for focus, self-regulation, learning from past experiences, purposefully direct attention and behavior
    • ANTERIOR INSULA - bodily sensations, 'gut feeling' and empathy
    • AMYGDALA - responsible for automatic reactions, including fight or flight responses
    • HIPPOCAMPUS - resilience to stress, learning and memory
  • About A Lotus Seed

    A seed for your mind & body, wakening the heart.

    Mindfulness & meditation


    All trainings are based on scientifically investigated mindfulness and compassion trainings that have been showing changes in brain structures already after a couple of weeks (see 'science'). Trainings are in Dutch and English.


    Portugal, Brazil, Sao Tomé e Principe, ....

    One week of emergence into meditation and mindfulness, yoga, walking, healthy food, sun, nature, and a fully embodied program to rejoice your mind, body and heart.

    It's an opportunity to learn how to train your brain all the while opening your mind and heart to a new environment in one of our unique destinations across the globe.

    Planting seeds in organizations, companies and schools

    Tailer-made integration

    Cultivating seeds in companies, organizations and schools has the potential to change the dynamic of your organization, provided it is well guided.

    Whether short or long courses, experience allows it to integrate it into the daily workings of your organization and adapt it to the context; whether it's for managers, entrepreneurs or employees; teachers or students.

    Meditation in the park!

    Summer vibes!

    Every summer we organize meditation in the park sessions in different cities... in 2015 there were daily sessions, in 2016 we organized monthly sessions! Examples include: Gent 2015, Gent 2016, Brussels 2016, Lisbon 2016

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